For many years I have been accompanying people with disabilities on vacation-trips in summer as a volunteer caregiver. There I find peace and freedom – and very little sleep.
What is „normal”? What is the B-side to our reality?
I always feel driven and escape into the depths of the night: into intoxication, ecstasy and exploration of the unknown. I am afraid of the depth of the ocean and the infinity of the universe, but I long for an answer to a question whose exact formulation I do not know and feels unlimited. (sonst fehlt iwie der zusammenhang? oder hab ichs falsch verstanden?)
I witness these journeys as moments of freedom and happiness. The moment becomes tangible, I materialize. As challenging as these times together are, they feel authentic, human and true. It requires courage to feel one’s feelings in their entirety, to let oneself fall – physically as well as mentally. Fear, anxiety, love, disgust, sadness. We rarely experience feelings in their pure form. Everything is socially filtered, coded and put into constraints. What is freedom?
On B-journey I feel weightless in the cosmos of feelings.
Every summer anew I learn all this being taught by very special people. I am grateful for that.